Saturday, August 06, 2005

Chinese Girls

August 6, 2005

When the Chinese girls next door woke me with their laughter at 4:00AM, I was dreaming about the 1970’s, about a dark-haired girl in a plaid shirt and low-cut blue jeans, filling a bamboo pipe and drawing deeply then settling down to sleep, naked and peaceful. That was also a part of my life – thirty years ago, more really because it was over by 1975. Things had begun to change even earlier but by the mid-70’s the culture of drugs had swamped the culture of love – replacing ideas with empty-headedness and drawing a generation or so of young minds into a descending spiral of self-indulgent meaninglessness. A culture that took it’s creative spark from Beat poets and folk singers and burned hot with the rage of heady rock and roll, fizzled out under the fractured light of a disco ball in Queens, New York only to be resurrected in the dreams of aging men like me, easily awakened on a summer night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful paragraph--i could almost smell the patchouli. I wish I could re-post it on my blog ...?

Would you consider writing a paragraph that I could post about how Cologne (the place) smells?
Are there many perfumeries in Cologne? I assume so since they are the birthplace--but I have missed Cologne each time I passed swiftly thru Germany.

12:28 AM  

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