Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Decline of David Brooks

New York Times August 29, 2004

"Today, public opinion is turning against the war not because people have given up on the goal of advancing freedom, but because they are not sure this war is winnable." David Brooks

David Brooks had a shred of credibility when he joined the ranks of the New York Times. But did I miss something? Is he moonlighting? Does his second pay stub read Office of the President?
Mr. Brooks is clever enough to pull the wool very near the eyes of the weary. But his skills are taxed beyond their limit and his credibility severely challenged, when in the service of defending Administration policy in Iraq. Nice work Mr. Brooks; trotting out the next strategy to win the war … again? Do you blow up these trial balloons in the basement of the Pentagon all by yourself?
You concede that public opinion is turning against the war. How bold! But do you believe the American people think for one minute that advancing freedom is the reason our children are being sent to die in Iraq? The American people don’t care if this war is winnable Mr. Brooks – that is not the point and never has been. When an undertaking is immoral, which this war certainly is, it matters not if it is winnable – it matters only that we cease the immoral activity immediately. Iraq is an immoral war because our leaders knowingly and repeatedly lied to us about threats they knew did not exist in order to rush us to engagement. They have no moral authority to spend the lives of our children in this war. Now that thousands of people have died and countless thousands have been grievously injured, we are admonished to stay the course because to do otherwise would be to dishonor those who have sacrificed for the cause. Shame on members of the Bush Administration who wasted the lives of these young men and women as pawns to advance their petty political careers. And shame on all of you who persist in defending this policy today, for dishonoring those dead by continuing to use them, to justify the ongoing slaughter in Iraq.


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