Saturday, September 24, 2005

September 24

September 24, 2005

It’s been officially Fall for three days but the leaves have been falling for weeks now. We haven’t had enough rain this summer and everything is very dry. Mountain Lake is so low you can see the tree stumps in the middle and the boat dock, which usually floats in the water just off shore, is now sitting completely on dry land.
Last week we ran out of water. I was planting a little patch of grass by the side of the house where I’d been doing some work and suddenly the water stopped running. We have a well and it seems the water table has dropped below the level where our normal water consumption can be sustained. It scares me a bit and serves as a reminder that water is not something to be taken for granted.
I’ve been very conscious of just how precious water is after working in Africa and seeing the results of draught and famine. I’ve also lived in the desert west of America - the fantasyland we have created out there, where the indigenous water supply is sufficient to maintain maybe a tenth of the population - something will give one day and it won’t be pretty.

In just under two months we will be leaving the US and settling in Cologne. We had thought Berlin would be our destination but there is work in Cologne so that will be our base. More thoughts on this move in days to come …


Blogger Riky said...

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Blogger J said...

Right, looking at your blog again I got confused by the name Cologne bound. After reading this post, I understand.

You'll love Cologne. I sure do. We'll be neighbors next year, as I'll be moving to Bonn. Perhaps we can take in a baseball game together.

Germany Doesn't Suck

11:51 PM  

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